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We offer women the power to change, to step into their next step and to find and become their authentic selves, and that’s a beautiful thing.

With a horse, you must be authentic, because horses can read us and feel our energy. Horses are prey animals and the number 1 thing they want to feel is safe! It’s when they feel safe and are approached with authenticity (no confusion within) and with your true vulnerable self that they will get you on the path to knowing you. It sounds simple, but it’s yet it is a most difficult task for humans in our society. We have been trained to believe that the world is not a safe place; we are fear-based, and we are shame-based, which makes us disingenuous.


The programs work every time because they have been designed to develop feelings of trust and self-confidence as well as a host of additional emotional and behavioral improvements with results each time you work with a horse. Horses naturally ground themselves all the time as all energy must be grounded just like an electrical circuit in our homes. Horses do this as a connection to their environment, and they are in constant contact to earth, so they don’t go to airy fairy land but stay present in their lives.


Like anything we do in life IF we want to maintain our steps forward in life to fight anxiety and depression is like any other type of emotional health work in that it’s not a one-time fix; if it’s working for you, then it’s best to stick with it and do it as often as you can. It’s like if you want to have a body that’s entirely firm and in shape, you must work at it regularly to maintain what the body requires, just like we must work at the emotional health when we feel the changes that are positive and where we see the changes stick within.


There’s no magic fix – it’s a process. You have to take responsibility for your happiness no matter what place you are at in your life. The first step in understanding yourself is through the power of the horse as their pure honesty help you to find truth and vulnerability. You don’t have to get rid of the fear or shame – you have to stop keeping it a secret, and they are able without judgement to be able to get you on your true authentic self.


Ask yourself these questions:

Are you hiding ongoing battles with severe depression, feelings of sadness, loneliness, emotional health issues and anxiety that contribute to depression?

Are you embarrassed because you have so much in your life and cannot understand why you would have such feelings?

Do you have thoughts on self-hatred?

With so much emotional pain do you find it tough to get out of bed?

Are you craving an emotional balance?

Are you just exhausted from the thoughts in your brain?


Whether you are rich or poor, famous or not, have everything you could dream of or attempting to make your dreams come true, if you don’t allow yourself to tell the truth about yourself and experience vulnerability, you won’t be able to connect with the horse or with other people.


Whether you are from Hollywood, Los Angeles, Nashville, Calgary, Edmonton, Texas, Australia or super small town like Springside, there are programs all over the globe to help women to use tools to improve their emotional health on a regular basis.


We look after and spend money on our outer-selves on a monthly basis so why are we waiting to put money into the insides of us regularly too which will be the overall health benefit.

Price $300.00 per person for the weekend.

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