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Is a 9 year old Mare, that was adopted from Bear Valley Rescue.  She is the head mare of her herd and puts up with no nonsense from anyone of the other team.  That being said, she is so patient when working with clients, especially children.  It has been said that she has very calming energy.


A 9 year old gelding, that was adopted from Bear Valley rescue. Even though Quinton is a very large horse and can be a little intimidating, he is also very regal and gentle soul, willing to help and be a great buddy.  He is a great protector and takes the job of looking after the herd very serious.  He is also very vocal and will give out a call to say good morning, or feed me!

Star Dreamer

is a 15 year old mare. We adopted her from Southern Alberta. She had a hard time connecting with anyone, but one look at Ken and she was his best friend forever.  She had been mistreated by trainers in the past and takes time to get to know someone.  She is at the bottom of the pecking order in the herd, but she doesn't let that stop her from standing up for herself.  She is such a sweet spirit and an amazing teacher.


is about 6 years old and just a little guy! He came from a family friend, who's daughter got to big for him and he needed a new job. His size doesn't stop this young man from taking on the world and always being the first to get into the arena to help out his teammates.  He is very friendly and food motivated, and will check to see if you have anything that may be considered food.  He is a funny little pony always finding his way into mischief.

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