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Building A Team

Think outside the board room for your Teambuilding and Leadership Development!

An Interactive Skill Development Program with Irrefutable Results!​​

Team development should be fun, innovative and results oriented.

There are always three main attributes to a succesful employee;

- KNOWLEDGE            - SKILLS           - EXPERIENCE

Knowledge can be memorized; experience is gained over time - but SKILLS are the goundation of learning to be able to utilize the knowledge and experience any employee has gained.

Our one of a kind Building block Certified program will show your group;

- The power of non-verbal communication

- Self realization in how we communicate with others

- How to build the necesary skills within themselves to become a strong leader.

This is NOT just a fun day out, well, it is still fun, but it is a skill building session that will improve the overall functionality of your team.

Giving your employees the skill, training and develoopment, they need to grow form themselves and your organization.  If you are willing to give them a direction for growth within, you are a company building future leaders, rather than employees for your competitor.  Your employees, your team, your leaders, need more than a job!

Price $100.00 per participant

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