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Equine Assisted Learning


Horses are the teachers in our program.  Through interactive learning, participants are able to take the skills they learn in the arena with them to the outside world. There is no riding of the teachers in this program.

Why Horses?


Horses respond to our authentic selves, they are always honest and never judge us.  This is why they make the best teachers.  They work hard, pushing us to the next level of ourselves, showing us that we are stronger and more capable then we ever thought we were.  They help us to think outside the box, pay attention to things around us and communicate with our teams.


With the help of the teachers, the participants will learn skills in the arena that parallel back to their everyday lives.  These learned skills will be transferred to how they deal with people, choices and the world around them.

Working with horses has been proven many times over to be very beneficial to help people learn new skills and have it stick with them for life, especially young people.

If you can work with a 1000 LBS animal, what can't you do!!!

We are an outdoor facility and located  in Torrington Alberta, on Highway 27.  Call us for location for your booking

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