Youth and family programs


We are able to customize the type of programs we can offer.  

Sessions can be accommodated from a one time program to the full 12 week program.

Programs include but are not limited to:

School programs: 12 weeks

Mother, daughter Time

Husband and wife team building

Family fun time bonding

One on one programs for self development



Children 8 and above


We are only limited by our imaginations.....



Benefits of Equine Assisted Learning: 

- Developing and building relationships with others

-accepting responsibility and accountability 

-overcoming barriers to find change

- encouraged to be creative and innovative

-finding opportunities in working together

-Realizing the benefits that are associated with effective communication

-recognizing the value of mutual trust, respect and personal integrity.


-self confidence

-pride in self and accomplishments

- and much more

EAL acts as an important education tool to help develop empathy and kindness as well as combat

-Behavioral disorders

-low self- esteem


-Emotional issues

-Poor communication skills 

-and much more

Current pricing:

$50.00 per person per session

Family program up to 4 participants

$150.00 per session